Professional Work

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The “Cooperstown vs. Cancer Wiffleball Tournament” was an event I had to developed along with a partner as a project for my Sport Event Management class during my Fall 2017 semester. Our event proposal included location details, potential sponsors, social media engagement, marketing plan, mission statements, and a feedback system. Our proposal was as accurate as an actual event proposal could be for an independent organization.
During my 2018 spring semester, I was hired by the SUNY Cortland Men’s Lacrosse team to create graphics to be featured on their Instagram page. Over the span of the season, I created several graphics (one of the graphics featured above) which have accumulated over 800 likes and have been seen by over 3,000 people.
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The 2017 Red Dragon Volleyball Classic was a two-day tournament made up of schools in the Northeast area. I helped run the event along with another event manager. Both Friday and Saturday, I was responsible for helping teams check-in, get them to their locker rooms, as well as keep statistics and scores for a number of games at a single time.
During the Fall 2017 semester at SUNY Cortland, I was the event manager of the school’s Men’s Ice Hockey Team. I helped run the event as well as run the game’s promotion, “Chuck a Puck”. I also ran protocol which dealt with specific NCAA rules and regulations. I oversaw a staff of over eight employees in areas such as ticket sales, security, and locker room protocol.

During my 2018 spring semester, in my Information Technology in Sport class, we were able to learn the basics of Adobe Premiere, a video editing software used by companies and organizations all over the world.  We were then assigned to create a video depicting a typical day in the life of a SUNY Cortland Sport Management Major. Within this video, we were able to use the skills we learned when it came to filming such as, “the ‘rule of thirds'”, and B-roll footage. I truly believe that I can put these skills to use for any organization if needed.

Featured above is an article I wrote about NBA player, PJ Tucker, and his sneaker collection for SUNY Cortland’s The Red Beat. This site is dedicated to articles, and podcasts that discuss sports, culture and current events that seem interesting, and essential, to every college student. With this article, I believe I wrote a compelling article utilizing hyperlinks to several YouTube videos and websites that keep the reader truly engaged in the story. With this article, I was also able to use a format for pictures and paragraphs that is ideal for any user on any device.

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Featured above is a podcast I did with a partner that was also posted on The Red Beat. In this podcast, we discussed the latest popular video game that’s currently sweeping the nation, Fortnite. For this podcast, we used the recording software, Audacity, and we were able to use all of its perks to our advantage.





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